Changing Locks Locksmith

Changing Locks Locksmith : If you ever moved into a new place, lost your house keys or had to fire an angry employee,

you’ve probably been in a situation where you considered changing your locks.

Most people are not aware that instead of changing their locks, there is a much better, and often cheaper solution – re-keying them.

In this article I’m going to explain what does it mean to “re-key” a lock, and more importantly –

when should you rekey your locks rather than changing them.

Why is this important you ask? Because it can save you quite a lot of money every year.

Some locksmiths take advantage of the fact that people are not informed about the differences and instead of

explaining the different options to the customer, they choose the more expensive option for them.

Changing Locks Locksmith
Changing Locks Locksmith

Professional Services

If you choose the option of getting the locks replaced by a professional locksmith, the cost may depend on a number of factors.

First, if you have bought the locks prior to contacting a locksmith, the locksmith will only charge for the services they will provide to you.

However, if you are purchasing from the locksmith, add the cost of the locks in the total cost of the job.

Moreover, the cost can also vary if some changes are required to accommodate the new locks that you are installing.

If the locks are of the same design as before, the cost will be minimal.

Changing Locks
Changing Locks

How much does a locksmith cost?

Locksmith Prices List

  • Minimum service fee: $69-$129
  • Rekeying: $21-$35 per keyhole
  • Car lockouts and roadside assistance: $49-$129
  • Residential lockout: $75-$129
  • Commercial lockout: $85-$149

Professional locksmith services install or replace current lock systems, re-key locks for new homes, repair broken door locks,

Changing Locks, add new locks, let in residents who are locked out, copy keys or issue new keys, and more.

Professional locksmiths can tackle deadbolts, doorknobs, mailboxes, lock changes,

office furniture (such as filing cabinets), electronic combination pads, keyless remotes and more.

The lock may be in a car, home, business or commercial space, and most professional locksmiths

are available for after-hours emergencies or roadside assistance.

Several factors affect the average cost of locksmith services, but the average cost ranges from about $79 to $300.