Chevrolet Key Made

Depending on the Chevrolet car Year & Model you have, the options available to you will be different as there are many different types of Chevrolet car keys. Car key copies are generally the easiest to get, but car key origination (when you’ve lost all of your car keys) can also be done.

Car Key Made

Chevrolet Mechanical or Standard Car Key?

The good old fashion Chevrolet car key. They use to be all metal, but many now have plastic heads. When you have an all metal key, you can be certain it is a standard key.

Transponder Chevrolet Keys or Chip Keys.

A transponder key, or chip key as they are sometimes called, has a tiny inductor embedded into the head of the key. In many cases, there is no way to visually tell that this inductor is in the plastic and therefore you cannot tell whether a key with a plastic head has an inductor in it or not.

In order for the car to run, transponder keys must be programmed to the car so that the car recognizes the key. When it is not programmed the car will either not start or will start then die in a few seconds. In both cases a security indicator should be flashing on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Laser Cut Car Keys or High Security Car Keys.

Laser cut car keys are high-security keys. The can be mechanical keys or they can be chipped transponder keys. What makes them high security is that instead of the cuts running down the edge of the key, the edge of the key remains flat after cutting and the cuts are either engraved around the edge without going through the edge (as in the photo) or they go down the middle of the key.


Can the auto locksmith come to me to replace my Chevrolet key?

Absolutely! That is the beauty of contacting T&T LOCK & KEY for your Chevrolet car key replacement. Our team of automotive locksmiths double as mobile locksmiths, which means they can meet you at any location to assist you. All you have to do is simply give us a call and let us know how we can best assist you with your Chevrolet key replacement. Once we have the necessary information and your location, a mobile locksmith from our team will be dispatched to help you with your Chevrolet replacement key.

What information do I have to give the locksmith about my Chevrolet key before they arrive?

Good question! It would be ideal to tell the automotive locksmith your car model so that they can get you the appropriate Chevrolet key replacement. Providing our locksmith with this information will expedite the entire Chevrolet car key replacement process. Once the locksmith arrives they will also request verification of your ownership of the vehicle.

Once this has been covered, the automotive locksmith will be able to cut your key to code using your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If you want to make a Chevrolet car key replacement, and you still have the original key, the only additional thing the locksmith will need is the original Chevrolet car key.

How long does it take to make a Chevrolet key replacement?

Chevrolet car key replacements don’t usually take very long, but the time constraints all depend on the set of circumstances that call for a Chevrolet key replacement. If you have access to the original Chevrolet car key, our automotive locksmith simply has to duplicate the existing key. This process usually takes up to 10 minutes, and it is relatively easy to accomplish. However, if the key has to be cut to code, and the original key is not present, it could take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes to complete the Chevrolet car key replacement.

How much does it cost for a Chevrolet car key replacement?

The cost for a Chevrolet car key replacement varies based on the car model. With an illustrious line of vehicles, you can bet that no two Chevrolet models are the same. This usually means that the cost of a Chevrolet car key replacement will not be the same for two different models. The time and effort that will go into making a replacement car key for a Chevrolet Focus will not be the same as the time required to make a Chevrolet Mustang key replacement. However, T&T Locksmiths west columbia sc prides itself on having competitive prices and our Chevrolet car key replacement cost starts at $120.

Chevrolet Ignition Replacement

In some instances, a Chevrolet car key replacement goes hand in hand with a Chevrolet ignition replacement. Some drivers often damage their Chevrolet car keys and their ignition simultaneously, which is why a Chevrolet ignition replacement becomes necessary. If you happen to damage your Chevrolet car key and your Chevrolet ignition as well, give us a call!

Problems with your Chevrolet key and your ignition make it hard for you to get much done, and it is almost unfair to be robbed of a vehicle as good as a Chevrolet. Our team of locksmiths wants to make sure you’re not left without a car for too long, so we’ll work around the clock to ensure that your car is backing in working order. Even if you need help with a Chevrolet car key replacement or Chevrolet ignition replacement at late hours, our emergency locksmith will come to your aid.

Drivers should be wary of symptoms of ignition problems because it can potentially save you a great deal of a headache in the future. One telltale sign is usually the fact that it becomes increasingly difficult for you to start your Chevrolet car with your key. Now, this problem might stem from the ignition or from the car key itself. Regardless of what it is, give our automotive locksmiths a call so that they can properly assess your Chevrolet vehicle.

Chevrolet Key Fob Replacement

As owners of Chevrolet vehicles know, the automobile like to bridge technology and tradition, and pairs technology and tradition better than the Chevrolet key fob. The Chevrolet key fob is an essential part of the modern automotive, and it makes for a truly seamless relationship between the driver and their vehicle. Our team of locksmiths understands just how integral Chevrolet key fobs are, and this is why we offer Chevrolet key fob replacements as needed. Drivers of older Chevrolet models will usually not have need of this service, but we still offer it to drivers of Chevrolet models made after the mid 90s.