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Did you know you can change the key that operates your home, without having to incur the cost of purchasing a new lock?

Lock rekeying is fast, easy and can be done in our vans, or in our shop, by a trained locksmith at a time that is convenient for you.


Lock rekeying (sometimes also called “Changing the Locks”) is the process of giving your lock a new key combination,

so only a new key can open it.

Some experts recommend rekeying your locks every few years. However, there are specific instances

when it is always a good idea to rekey your lock:

  • When you have lost your house or office key
  • too many others have had access to your key in the past ( family member / rental / landlord etc… )
  • you have recently had a breakup, or someone has moved out ( no need a mad boy/girl friend to have your key )
  • if you’re moving into a new home and don’t know who got the key before
  • your key has been in the hands of housekeeping or construction teams

Essentially, it is recommended that you consider lock rekeying any time the keys have spent time away from your control.

Remember, it takes only 30 minutes for someone to make as many copies of your key as they want,

and a “do not copy” warning rarely stops them.

The more people who have had access to your key in the past, the more you should consider a rekeying service.


While replacing a lock may have its advantages, in most scenarios, lock rekeying will be the way to go.

Some of the reasons why lock rekeying is such an advantageous option is because:

  • It’s much cheaper than replacing a lock. Instead of purchasing new locks to replace them with, all that needs to be done is to replace a few pins.
  • You’ll get to keep your locks. Keeping your locks isn’t only beneficial because it’s a much less expensive option – it’s also helpful because there’s a good chance that your locks match your home. Having to replace your locks brings up the possibility that there may not be any suitable replacements that match the style that you want for your home.
  • You can have them configured in any way you want to. If you’d like to make it so that all of the locks work with one of your existing keys, you can do that too. Lock rekeying will be able to give you added convenience.
Lock Changing Service Columbia SC
Lock Changing Service Columbia SC

Although it may be called “changing the locks,” lock rekeying allows you to keep your lock

and simply replace the code so that only you and those who live in your home have access to it.

At The T&T Locksmiths, we offer both scheduled and emergency lock rekeying services.

Our emergency services are available for those who need to change the locks quickly,

due to someone having access to their keys that should no longer be allowed in the building.

Our scheduled service allows us to come on your time, and make sure that the new key combination works and is in place.

Contact a T&T Locksmiths location near you today to get started.

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